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Scuba diving courses in Sardinia with Areamare

Adventure Diver

duration: 2/3 days
max depth: 30 m
minimum age: 12 years
requirements: Open Water Diver Certification or equivalent; a medical statement signed by a doctor within the last 12 months
certification issued: PADI Adventure Diver
If you have a first-level certification (Open Water or equivalent) you can master your scuba diving techniques by taking part in the "Adventure Diver" course.
This course is very simple and enjoyable indeed! It mainly consists in performing 3 "adventure" dives, each one focused on a particular type of scuba diving technique, such as underwater navigation, deep diving, buoyancy control, computer diving, search and recovery and many others.
The "adventure" dives take place during normal diving trips, so you will learn while having fun!
Once you achieve the Adventure Diver certification, if you want, you can easily upgrade your level by pursuing the Advanced Open Water Diver certification. All you have to do is to take part in at least two more "adventure" dives.
aventure diver PADIdivers diving in spargi sardinia
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