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Scuba Experience
Discover Scuba Diving

duration: half day
max depth: 12 m
minimum age: 10 years
certification issued: none - educational credit for Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver course
discover scuba diving padi SardiniaIf you are keen of the ocean world and its wonders, maybe you've wondered what scuba diving is all about and how would be to breathe and swim underwater watching closely the inhabitants of this amazing world. The "Scuba Experience" (Discover Scuba Diving) is a great way to discover about scuba diving.
Guided by an instructor who will assist you during the whole discovery experience, you will learn useful theoretical knowledge regarding this activity and try some exercises in shallow water, which allow you to acquire the basic skills.
Once accomplished this introductory part, you will be ready for your first open water dive! The instructor will lead you in a simple, yet fun and interesting, dive to a maximum depth of 12 m during which, thanks to the skills previously acquired, you will enjoy the thrills of being weightless and breathing underwater while closely observing the rich life below the surface of the sea.
The dive of the Discovery Scuba Diving includes a boat trip to the islands of the archipelago, in the crystal clear Sardinian water, in charming and sheltered small bays specifically selected to make your scuba experience an unforgettable one.
Should you love this experience and wish to continue, you can get the Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver certification simply by increasing your training with other fun and interesting exercises in confined water and some other open water dives.
Introduction to scuba divingInstructor assisting a diver under test

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