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Scuba diving courses in Sardinia with Areamare


duration: minimum of 15 days
max depth: 40 m
minimum age: 18 years
requirements: Rescue Diver Certification or equivalent; First Aid certification; personal scuba equipment; 20 logged dives (60 to obtain the certification)
certification issued: Divemaster
Take the first step in your dive career joining the Divemaster course. Through theory lessons and practical exercises, you will learn the proper techniques to become an efficient assistant to dive instructors. Moreover you will be able to supervise and guide certified divers during their activities.
A really interesting and engaging course, indispensable if you want to take up a scuba diver career or simply if you want to increase your knowledge of the underwater world.
Divemaster doing briefing before divingbecome a Pro in scuba diving

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