dorid nudibranch (Peltodoris atromaculata)


Scuba diving courses in Sardinia with Areamare

Try Dive - Diving baptism

duration: half day
max depth: 5 m
minimum age: 10 years
certification issued: none
tryng the first dive in SardiniaHave you ever been fascinated by the sea and wondered what is below its surface? With the "Try Dive" you can discover the underwater wonders and experience the thrill of you first breathing underwater.
You will be given an introduction to scuba diving equipment you will use, and instructions on how to breathe underwater. Then, with an instructor always closely supervising you, you will dive into the water in a quiet and sheltered environment. Once in the water, you will remain at the surface the time needed to be at ease. Once comfortable you will start to go down in shallow water, with the instructor by your side, to do your first dive and closely observe fish and other inhabitants of the underwater world.
Our "Try Dive" experiences include boat trips. The places where we carry them out are usually very sheltered and enchanting bays in the islands of the archipelago, where the water is really clear.
Beginner ready to discover the underwater worldChild is trying scuba diving - Cannigione
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