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Scuba diving courses in Sardinia with Areamare

Rescue Diver

duration: 5/6 days
max depth: ==
minimum age: 15 years
requirements: Advanced Open Water Certification or equivalent; First Aid certification; a medical statement signed by a doctor within the last 12 months
certification issued: Rescue Diver
After your Advanced Diver certification, if you wish to complete your underwater preparation and achieve the highest level of recreational scuba diving, the Rescue Diver course will make you a more confident, careful and safe diver.
You will improve your self-rescue skills and you will learn some new rescue techniques that will allow you to help others, if needed.
You will learn also what the problems that can happen in the water are. Way this you will have the right preparation to prevent and manage any problem that may eventually occur.
Divers at the surfacethe rescue diver course student

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