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Scuba diving courses in Sardinia with Areamare

Scuba Diver

duration: 4/5 days
max depth: 12 m
minimum age: 10 years
requirements: a medical statement signed by a doctor within the last 12 months
certification issued: Scuba Diver
padi scuba diver course in SardiniaA short course that allows you to acquire the basic knowledge and the basic skills for scuba diving. In a few days, through both theory lessons and practical exercises, you will learn to breathe and move easily underwater.
Once completed the course, you will receive the international Scuba Diver certification that allows you to dive all over the world up to a depth of 12 meters, provided that you are diving under the supervision of a diving professional (either an Instructor or a Divemaster).
With this certification you can then easily upgrade your level by pursuing the Open Water Diver certification. To do that you simply need to attend a few theory lessons, a short training in confined water, and perform two additional open water dives.
students attending a scuba diver course in sardiniascuba diving beginners enjoying to be underwater

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